Art and creativity - drawing and painting, as well as photography - have been a part of my life since early childhood.  Apart from the study and teaching of art history (up until about ten years ago) and short periods of practical study under private tutors and as part of a masters degree course, I have rarely had the opportunity to work full time on my painting, and photography and sculpture have had to fit in around another career.  But over the years my work has been influenced by a huge range of C19th and C20th artists.  Creativity colours my perspective on daily life, and is never far from my thoughts.


I have had three joint and seven solo exhibitions. Three catalogues are listed on the Catalogue pages.


The painting continues apace whenever possible, alongside what has become a dramatically increased workload, adapting course offerings as a result of the pandemic, and switcihing back to in-person course delivery. My studio has had to move from the purpose-built one to a converted bedroom, but as long s I have space to prop up a large canvas, my paints in order, and music on the CD player, I can to convert the urge to paint into images that 'make my heart sing'.


Until I can show more regularly, the challenge remains of how to reach a wider audience who can view the originals.