On reflection


This show (started in Autumn 2012 to mark the 'opening' of the new website and continued into 2014) brings together paintings and photographs, media which have been important to me for over 40 years. (I started very young!)

As with so many of my works, light and water play key roles, but this time it's all about surface and reflection. Reflections in rivers and lakes provide inspiration for compositions which allow the eye to run back and forth between those elements above or on the surface and the reflections in it. Many people walking along a lakeside will see water and then the grasses and trees on the shore, whilst I'm busily looking at the spaces between floating waterlily leaves, where there are constantly changing reflections of trees, sky and clouds. My first visit to Monet's gaden in Giverny spawned the series of little waterlily paintings, completed in France in a couple of days afterwards. A number of images are vertical reflections in windows, but none are multiple exposures.