The bigger picture

The past few years have seen the production of a considerable number of bigger pictures...   these are statement pieces, great as the centrepiece to a living room, entrance hallway, or hanging in a series in a large public space:  office, cafe, hospital, etc. The image above stands the viewer in the gently breaking surf on Sennen beach in Cornwall, looking out to the Brisons. (100cm x 120cm)

Llanberis Pass, Wales, in the style of early C19th Romantic painters.  The original artists are likely to have use watercolour: my challenge was to get the same aerial perspective using oil glazes. (90cm x 90cm)

Oil on board, inspired by the Japanese influences on Monet's compositions. (In gilt frame, outer frame dimensions: c 60cm x 90cm)


Oil on board, in a an antique gilt frame, inspired by Monet's series paintings of the Creuse River, this time in winter light, with ice floes on the river. (Outer frame dimensions: c75cm x 10scn)