Surface, water, form

The exhibition combined over 65 pieces: large and small paintings, and a number of clay sculptures.

Seascapes and water

Light and colour enthral me most, perhaps dating from my first six years of life in an ‘impressionist’ world, before my extreme short-sightedness was noticed and corrected, leaving me to discover the world afresh, this time in sharp focus.  Rivers, lakes, canals and the sea feature in many of my paintings, not least for the play of light on the water surface.


Sculptures and still lives

A brief foray into clay sculpture led to more than 15 life-sized representative portrait heads. Some are represented here, along with other works in clay. I collect ceramics, and the Crich pottery mugs, jugs and platters inspired a new set of paintings, and offered the chance to paint in ‘3-D’, by decorating a set of small bowls for this exhibition. Fruit, glass and metal vessels, and a violin all provide different surfaces:  the play of light on these different textures is often the most enjoyable part of making the paintings.